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The Git Commit

Background The first commit I sent for an organisation just out of college, was a 200 line change with the commit message as “Fix Index Bug”. I would never forget the mortified look on my team lead’s face, when he saw the commit message. He tried to explain me as patiently as possible about the importance and power of a commit message. The 22-year-old-me was convinced that it was not a big deal, and in no way commit messages would botch engineering productivity.
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She could feel that the book did not want her to rest, that it had more things to tell her. She did not want to let the book go. After one final deep breath, she placed the book back on the table. It took her a long minute to raise her hand from touching the cover. Magnetically, she pulled her hand away from it, turned around and decided to walk out of the room; maintaining a gaze at the book, still.
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“Motivation” ✌️

β€œThe man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ― Confucius, Confucius: The Analects What do you do next? Something which bothers me at all times, irrespective of where I am, what I am upto in life. So here I am, promising myself to write more often, read even more, create more things which I can call mine. Like a friend said, it’s a Sunday morning, full of sunshine and sleep and the day is yours… close your eyes.
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